Having a bespoke made to measure outfit is not as stressful as you my first think. The process will start
with a free consultation discussing your occasion, ideas and fabrics.

Designs will be drawn up along with fabric swatches for you to choose from.
When you are happy with the choices you have made, measurements will then be taken.

When a deposit of 40% is received, a toile (fabric mock up) will be made and fitted, (any changes to shapes
and styling can be done at this point with out any fuss, how ever major changes may result in another
toile fitting).

Ideal time for making your perfect outfit would be a minimum of 6mths however more urgent dates may
possibly be achieved depending on the design, fabric availability and your available free time for fittings.
There are usually only 4 fitting sessions for a structured dress, a final try on of your outfit before taking it
away is always recommend.

*I must recommend that any specific underwear to be worn on the wedding day be brought to the toile
fitting along with an idea of the height of shoes to be worn.

*Shoes to be worn on the wedding day to be brought for the second fitting.

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